Design and Color Trends for 2014

I took part in Interior Designer Chat on Twitter about a month ago. It's a twitter chat that takes place every Tuesday at 6pm EST (#IntDesignerChat), bringing together designers from all over the world to chat about key topics relating to the industry.

I'm a writer with a focus on the Home & Design industry, so I find it valuable to try to take part at least twice a month.

I gathered a few tips when Sherwin Williams was a host. I decided to provide anyone who may not have been able to take part with the information that was provided (PDF link is below).

Home Designers from everywhere engaged in conversation about color schemes and what colors would be the trend for 2014.

I took three of my favorite colors that came up in the conversation and inserted them with my own point of view of why these colors will dominate in 2014.

Gray is the new black.

I heard this a few years ago when I was working at Express. Gray has always been one of my favorite colors. It goes with everything and even can set off any other color you choose to use when decorating your home. photo credit: coco+kelley via photopin cc

Purple color family.

I have always felt soft purples were a great way to enhance an already beautiful layout or room. A dark purple as a frame could make an interior more compelling.
photo credit: coco+kelley via photopin cc

Orange and rust tones stand up in strong light.

Rust colored bathrooms and kitchens have always been a favorite of mine. Browns make a room flow with life. And when the light goes on...
photo credit: MillenniumLuxuryCoaches via photopin cc

Here is the Sherwin Williams Color Mix 2014: Sherwin Williams Color Mix 2014

Enjoy! Let's talk colors. Feel free to add your pinterest photos and let's have a colorful conversation.

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